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We're here to nurture the vision for athletics and would love for you to be a part of the success. Please connect with our team via one of the following:

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Athletics Development - Panther Club
3719 Terrace Street
Petersen Events Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

(Donation) Mailing Address

Department of Athletics
Panther Club
P.O. Box 7436
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-0436

Panther Club telephone: 412-648-8889
Ticket Office telephone: 800-643-7488
E-mail: pantherclub@athletics.pitt.edu




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General Membership Questions

Panther Club memberships are open to everyone. We ask that one membership be maintained per mailing address whether it is held by an individual, couple, family or business. We cannot accept multiple party payments for one account. Payments must be received from the account holder of record. If a business name is on an account, then payments must be received from the business name on the account.

Memberships are only transferrable one-time and only between immediate family members (parents to children). For more information on membership transfers, please contact the Panther Club Office at 412-648-8889.

Effective January 1, 2018, any fees that have been associated with priority seating or parking will now be known as Scholarship Seating Memberships (SSM). The federal government no longer considers these payments to be gifts or donations, meaning that tax receipts will not be generated for this component of your Panther Club membership. You will continue to receive priority points for these membership fees, as well as other membership benefits, that are outlined in our 2019-20 Panther Club benefit chart.

You can also be a Panther Club member by making a gift to a Championship Giving fund. These gifts are tax deductible.

Pitt, like other colleges and universities across the country, has a priority seating and parking program in place to provide funding that is vital to our athletic programs. At Pitt, all funds received through our SSM program are used to help offset the academic expenses of Pitt student-athletes. The need for this funding still exists, and has continued to grow over the years.

In an effort to honor the equity you have accumulated in your Panther Club membership, we recognize the importance of allowing this association to continue. You will continue to receive priority points for your membership in addition to other benefits. We look forward to adding more value to your membership in the future as we explore ways to enhance your experience.

Championship Giving funds fulfill needs that will help position Pitt teams for championship-level success. These needs include sport-specific championship funds, athletic facility projects, our Immediate Impact Annual Scholarship Fund, and endowed scholarships. Gifts can be made on an annual or multi-year basis and are tax deductible. These gifts cannot be applied toward the payment of your SSM or parking fees. For more information, please contact the Panther Club Office at 412-648-8889 or visit hailtopitt.com.

Yes. You can make a tax deductible gift to any one of our Championship Giving funds. Donations to these funds cannot be applied to the payment of your SSM or parking fees. Gifts to these funds are not eligible for priority points.

Thank you for your continued support. The information above is not intended to be tax advice and we recommend you consult with your tax advisor. This information is subject to change, pending further guidance regarding the new tax law, and we will make every effort to keep you informed. Please feel free to contact the Panther Club Office at 412-648-8889 with any additional questions. You can also reach us by email at: pantherclub@athletics.pitt.edu.

“The support the Panther Club provides all of our student-athletes at Pitt is absolutely amazing. Their support truly impacts our program daily and allows all of us to develop as students and athletes while at Pitt. I am forever grateful to all the members of the Panther Club for supporting my academic and athletic aspirations! H2P!”

— Amanda West, Junior, Women's Soccer


NCAA Booster Compliance

Your membership in the Panther Club also makes you a booster, or what the NCAA refers to as a "representative of the institution's athletics interests." As a Booster for the University of Pittsburgh Athletics Department, please know that Pitt is responsible for the actions of its boosters. Violations of NCAA rules involving boosters, alumni, or fans of Pitt can have a negative effect on the relevant prospects and/or student-athletes, Pitt's athletic program, and the national perception of the University. In addition, student-athletes or prospects may lose their eligibility for intercollegiate competition.

Further, a booster that intentionally violates NCAA, ACC, or Pitt rules may be disassociated from Pitt's athletics program, resulting in the revocation or withholding of any athletically related benefit or privilege received by that individual from Pitt. Additionally, once a person, agency, business, or other organization is identified as a booster, that entity retains the title forever. Please reference the Booster link by clicking here.



Senior  |  Baseball  |  Miami, FL

The Panther Club's support has been a crucial component for me in my time at the University of Pittsburgh. Their hard work and dedication has allowed me to be in a position to be successful both on and off the field.