Giving Opportunities

Planned Giving

Create your legacy at the University of Pittsburgh by making a planned gift that benefits the Department of Athletics.

Planned gifts ensure the long-term financial future of Pitt Athletics and our student-athletes. The different planned giving vehicles provides flexibility to each donor and their ability to establish their legacy by making an impact on student-athletes of today while creating a large and lasting impact on Pitt Athletics for the future. Consider making a planned gift to Pitt Athletics to make your bond forever with the university.

You receive a membership to The 1787 Society through your participation in planned giving. The 1787 Society was established to recognize alumni and friends who have made a commitment through planned and deferred gifts which have become increasingly important to Pitt’s strength and growth.

Support can be gifted today or in the future through any of the below vehicles:

  • Charitable lead trust
  • Donor Advised Fund
  • Charitable gift annuity
  • Charitable remainder trust
  • Bequest, will or trust
  • Retirement plan assets
  • Life insurance

Gift Comparison Chart

  Gift Type Advantages Beneficiary
Gifts Pitt Athletics Can Use Today Outright
  • Makes an impact right away
  • Observe gift in use during lifetime
  • Current income tax charitable deduction
  • Pitt immediate beneficiary
Charitable Lead Trust
  • Gift and estate tax savings
  • Freezes taxable value of appreciating assets before they pass to beneficiaries
  • Remainder to you or your heirs
Donor Advised Fund
  • Makes an impact right away
  • Establishes one source for charitable giving
  • Current charitable contribution tax deduction
  • Pitt and one or more other charities
Gifts Providing Income to You Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Current income tax charitable deduction
  • Estate tax savings
  • Capital gains tax savings
  • Fixed lifetime payments to you or someone you choose
  • One or two annuitant beneficiaries
  • Remainder to Pitt
Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Current income tax charitable deduction
  • Estate tax savings
  • Capital gains tax savings
  • Lifetime payments to you or others
  • One or more beneficiaries
  • Remainder to Pitt Athletics
Planned Giving Charitable Bequest
  • Estate tax savings
  • Flexibility in caring for family needs first
  • Pitt Athletics
Retirement Plan Assets
  • Estate and income tax savings
  • Pitt Athletics
Life Insurance
  • May receive income tax charitable deduction
  • Pitt Athletics