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Scholarship Seating & Parking

Effective January 1, 2018, any fees that have been required with priority season tickets or parking will now be known as Scholarship Seating Memberships. These are no longer considered gifts or donations and you will not receive a tax receipt for this component of your membership. You will continue to receive priority points for these membership fees as well as other membership benefits that are outlined on our 2022-2023 Scholarship Seating Membership Benefits Chart (PDF).

Colleges and universities across the country, including Pitt, have priority seating and parking programs that were organized to provide funding that is vital to our athletic sports programs. At Pitt, all funds received through our scholarship seating program are used to help offset the academic expenses of Pitt student-athletes. The need for this funding still exists. Quite simply, we cannot field the teams you enjoy watching without requiring scholarship seating fees.

In an effort to honor the equity you have built up in your Panther Club membership, we felt it was important to allow this association to continue. You will continue to receive priority points for your membership in addition to other benefits you have become accustomed to. We look forward to adding more value to your membership in the future as we explore ways to enhance your experience.

Please call the Panther Club at (412) 648-8889 or email us at with any questions.